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What exactly is Active Asset Management?

Active money management is the ongoing process of keeping one’s investments allocating to the appropriate asset class and risk profile in relation to the market’s opportunities.

Will you help select the investments inside my employer sponsored plan?

ABSOLUTELY. CloudVestors takes a holistic approach to planning which includes the efficiency of all monies, whether under our management or in a qualified employer plan.

How does CloudVestors compare to other financial companies?

Four primary areas where we differentiate ourselves from the competition:

  1. Fiduciary relationship that keeps your best interests first. We are incentivized to deliver performance and value, not by selling proprietary products.
  2. Active Management that includes a multiple team approach represented by the top firms in the country: BlackRock, Morningstar, Cabana, FIA and more.
  3. Focused Financial Planning that goes much deeper than the Robo Advisor.  While our competition creates a plan from an elementary questionnaire, your CloudVestors team takes the time to invest in the relationship, similar to the local advisor.
  4. Affordable fees that reduce the national average cost by 30% – 40%.

What are your fees and how does pricing work?

As a fiduciary advisor, we work on a fee base relation. The following fee is inclusive of Advisor Fee, Portfolio Expense and Transaction cost.

  • $50K – $500K = .95%
  • $501K – $1.5M = .9%
  • $1.5M – $3M = .85%
  • $3M – $5M = .8%
  • $5M+ = Let’s Talk

Is there a contract or a time commitment to work with CloudVestors?

No. We are incentivized to not simply earn your business, but to also keep your business. Our clients keep the ownership rights to this relationship and can simply remove CloudVestors at any point.

What investments do you offer?

CloudVestors has the ability to utilize most all investment types as a way of solving for the client’s needs. Beyond the traditional stock, bond, mutual funds and low-cost ETF, we also reserve a proprietary hedge fund (CloudBlack) for our credited investors.

Will I have a dedicated advisor or just a 1-800 call center rep?

Not just a dedicated advisor, but an entire advisory team. Each CloudVestors team is structured as follows:

  • Senior Financial Strategist
  • Support Strategist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Technology Specialist

How do I move my money to CloudVestors?

Seamless. At signing, you will be assigned a dedicated onboarding specialist. This specialist will not only guide but assist you with moving funds over to TD Ameritrade.

What type of accounts do you offer?

CloudVestors can offer most all account types, but do not currently manage 529 plans.